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Doesnt have to be the ugliest person in the club but it describes the woman (or man) who you ask home at 1.50am, hence "10 -2- 2 (ten minutes to 2 am), when all else has failed on the romance front.

Usually not the sort of person you would go for, but sometimes you strike lucky.

Often the remark "Get your jacket, you've pulled" is made at some point.
"Right lads, this is getting bad. That bird I have been chatting up all night has vanished and I need a jump. I'm off to find a 10-2-2"

"Dont go near the Hypocrocogryph, you'll need a plank across your arse!"
by BrettS October 12, 2005
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ACPO lingo for "disregard that"
Jerry - oh no, GIANT FLYING SHEEP!

Fred - What the fuck?

Jerry - 10-22 that last transmission
by Usethisimsteadofoxford March 13, 2018
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