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A 10 inch long dick; usually thick unless you've really got a problem down there.
his 10 inch dick is so big!
by Therealdefinitions January 24, 2015
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A ten inch dick, is when a man has a big dick.. It's huge and when he sticks it all in, your bound to have a baby...
Noises of putting it in:

1 inch: uh
2 inches: ohhh
3 inches: oh yesss
4 inches: fuck me!!!!!
5 inches: hardderrrr!!!
6 inches: Baby your teasing!!!LOL
7 inches: moaning loudly
8 inches: screws
9 inches: *neighbor calls cops*
10 inches: fuck me fuck me.. cum on me me..
Jada always liked Daniel.. Bu she was his stepmother.His father, Nick, loved her,.. One night, a storm came, and Nick had to leave for a trip..Horny, Jada drove over where a shirtless Daniel opened the door. He wore sweatpants only, and those abs were all Jada wanted to see.. And that's how it began... He pulled her in and locked the door.lThen they started to kiss.. With tongue,, Daniel massaging her tongue with his while he grabbed her ass and threw her on the bed.. Jumping on top of her, he started sacking out her tongue and then he started to tear her blouse. .. Jada feeling wet, tore his pants off and he took off he skirt and started to finger her.. She started to moan. .. "I want you Dnaiel, push your dick in me plz... Fuckk me... And with that Daniel took out his 10 inch dick and shove 5 into her.... She moaned while he went further and gave her hickeys. The bed was starting to get bloody from the blood from Daniel's back as Jada scratched. ... I can't take it anymore, shove it further deeper.., Not being gentle, he rimmed down 5 he other 5 inches and she screamed and moaned his name... They fuck ed until they both orgasmed.. When they were done Dangel kissed her stomach and then he reached her pussy.... He stick his tongue in and started locking the clitoris... Jada moaned with pleasure while he sucked her..., He got hornier and shoved back the dick into her all 10 at one.lthe was the greatest experience for both of them.... The even broke 5 he bed
by Lamackeral October 28, 2015
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