A male individual who has an unhealthy obsession with another mans pubic area. Although not homosexual a 1 T fixates upon another mans penis often referring to it as cock, sausage or meat. A 1 T’s fascination does not usually stray from his inner circle of friends. A 1 T may often go unnoticed until his ability to hide his addiction becomes uncontrollable, initially he may just talk to his male friends over the phone about double ending sausages, but this would then escalate to repeatedly utilizing the word cock. A 1 T is neither a threat nor a sexual marauder however friends need to be aware of any possible changes in a male friend’s behavior that may lead to future uncomfortable situations
Gaz and Jake need to be careful with Mat he is a 1 T.

Did you see 1 T the other day he's started continually writing cock when talking to his friends which is very much out of character.

by Remi Martin May 28, 2008
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high-speed connection to the internet
1.544 Mbps
i used by T1 to download 45 gigabytes of porn last night.
by IrishRepublicanArmy December 29, 2004
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The most beautiful steam locomotive ever built. Its currently being restored by Reading Blue Mountain & Northern RR. They say it is going to be back on the rails this spring of 2021. It will be a great thing to see and I recommend going and watching it. BUT BE WARNED!!!! Every foamer in the world will be trying to get there to see it. Meaning that you might get mobbed by raging foamers trying to beat you up with there tripods! If you like the locomotives current color too bad because by the time it gets to its destination it will be in a full white paint scheme from all the foaming railfans that couldn't help but cum on it. If you want to be nice and get on the good side of the foamers just make sure to ask everyone you meet "WHERE IS NRFF"! That should get you on everyone's good side
Foamer: dddid you hhhear that Reading T-1 2102 is being rererestored!
Normal Railfan: Yes, That's great!
Foamer: OMG i'm gonna have to bring a extra pair of pants so I don't have to walk around with jizz in my pants!
Normal Railfan: Whatever you fucking Foamer!
by ragingfoamerfuck88 January 21, 2021
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"hipster" like facebook hipsters, who never spell the words they mean to say right.
A normal guy on facebook: "The ice cream was so cool, i loved it. But Brad spilled some on his shirt. LOL"

|-| 1 P $ T 3 R: "Yo man that ice cream was dope. SEW KEWL, i lahhhv'd it. Brad totes had a woozy on his shirt tho. LAWLZZZZ"
by unicornzforever December 30, 2011
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