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Is a fictional "Paradox Correcting Time Code" from the Futuramaverse which came from a galaxy like god as seen in episode Godfellas. (tv show Futurama) It was on Fry's ass as a tattoo of Bender smoking a cigar in the first movie Bender Big Score until Nibbler used a laser from his third eye to wipe it off Fry's ass and to save forty percent of his rectum. In which all time paradox copies are doomed and are far more likey to die first than the original user of the code.

It has done much damage to the space time continuum from Bender going back in time stealing all sorts of historical treasures from the ages, it had ripped a hole in the universe known as the "anomaly".

Fleb: reading from "A Brief History of Time Travel" We have a problem Nudar. It's a one way time code. It can take us to the past, but it can't bring us back to the present.

Bender: Oh oh oh oh oh oh! Masters, if I might, let me do the stealing. I'll go to the past and snatch everything I can get my greasy mitts on. Then, as a robot, I could just wait it out for a few centuries in the limestone cavern beneath this building. Oh, it'll be ever so much fun.


A greenish sphere appears.
by Ramaness November 01, 2009
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