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Some say he is just an urban myth others say he hides in the shadows and appears when you least expect it, but one thing is for sure, every Recruitment Consultant in the industry fears .NET Baz.

.NET Baz came to prominence recruiting ICT .NET Development professionals in the Sydney area, he soon became widely recognised as an absolute recruitment and sales weapon and his name is well known amongst both the .NET and recruitment community.

His weapon of choice is the '.NET Drum' and recent sigtings have seen him mooching around the Streets of Sydney sporting a sharp suit and holding a handful of savage CVs.

If you need a .NET Developer look no further than .NET Baz

Known Facts: Arch Nemesis - .NET Dorbin
Identity: Recent rumours originating in the Indian .NET community say his true identity is 'Blake Barry' an Irish migrant who fell into recruitment by accident and took the IT world by storm.
'Are you recruiting?'

'Pardon?! Don't be silly we only use .NET BAZ!!'
by dancob October 30, 2013
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