Colombian slang. It derives from the word "compañero" in spanish which translates to buddy or mate.
However it is mostly used as a derogatory adjective for a street person, often associated to a thug or a thief.
Colombian 1: Esconde tu celular. (Hide your cellphone.)
Colombian 2: ¿Por qué? (Why?)
Colombian 1: Hay muchos ñeros por acá y te lo pueden robar. (there are a lot of "ñeros" around here and they'll steal it.)
by piroba May 27, 2020
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It's a Colombian slang which means "Buddy, mate, bro" it is almost always used by people who try drugs and live in the street

Brayan: "Ton's que? Ñero"

- "What's up bro?"

It is unpolite and people can judge you by using it
#Colombianero #unpolite
by IChauta November 20, 2018
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* Adjetive somewhat like vulgar, lower class, lower education. Usually used by mexicans of Mexico City.

* Calo spoken in Mexico city.
* Eres bien ñero. "You are very ñero".

* Los chilangos hablan en ñero. "The chilangos speak ñero"
by saulsmith October 3, 2011
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