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(1) noun. in an operational sense, one whose flatulence actually closely mimics the olfactory properties of another's flatulence

(2) noun. in a social sense, one who takes on the characteristics of the clique, in which he/she seeks to belong
Usage 1:

Bro 1: "Brah, did you fart or was that me?"

Bro 2: "There's no way to tell, you're a fart chameleon."

Usage 2:

Bro 1: "Brah, I don't get it, in high school she was a goody-two-shoes, then she gets into college, ditches her old friends, and becomes a drunken slam pig. What gives?"

Bro 2: "It's simple brah, she's a fart chameleon."
by Smut Hunter October 22, 2008
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