Song Infected Head Syndrome
When a song gets stuck in your head and you can't stop the silent singing/beat even though you really want to.
SIHS...You take the good, you take the bad, you take it all and there you have the facts of life...

SIHS Love me, hate me, say what you want about me, but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy...
by Mrs. Peen April 29, 2009
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Young nigga from da 3 aka zone3baby big south atlanta shit no bapp no kizzyy
Sih is zone3baby
by SihxBrazzy December 15, 2021
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There term given to all the lovely people
all you lovely people are SIH's
by college_boy August 28, 2008
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The worst fucking school all they are worried about is catch ur vape and smoking the fucking shit out of it and then give you iss or OSS so yeah fuck sihs
by Mayo_man_69 December 6, 2020
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The he/him or she/her of a non-binary person
Sih was in the mall today with Sih’s friends
by Alligatorkidyt July 31, 2021
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