An unusual emoticon, could be considered a cross breed between the sad face :( and winky face ;).
Commonly mistaken for a mistyping of the standard winky face, it in fact withholds it's own unique quality. Useful when wanting to depict feelings of sadness, with a somewhat kinky undertone.
by anonymouslolxoxoxo September 24, 2013
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Used in addition to something sexual, but when the phrase is negative or saddening.
Baby I was horny all day today ;(

Awww sweetie I'm sorry I wasn't home to be horny with you!
by Hocckeeyfreeek June 12, 2011
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Tom: Hey Sherry. Last night was ;(
Sherry: What the fuck does that mean?
Tom:The sun was shinning down on your lovely face, the wind was blowing in your beautiful hair, all i have to say is ;(
Sherry: What are you trying to say, are you dumping me....
Tom: No No No, its hard for me to say this, i just want to give you my dearest love and express to you what you mean to me ;(
Sherry: Do you want me to slap you cause i most defiantly will.
Tom: I love you Sherry I love you ;(
Sherry: Well i hate you bitch fuck you ;(
Tom: ;(
by HappyTrail July 06, 2010
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symbol. The ULTIMATE emoticon! Can show sarcasm, a smirk, and all the feelings that the simple smiley face just can't.
by dancinglikebees June 16, 2011
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