A funny guy who tries to make everyone laugh. Many people find him funny but some people won’t, often looks young but may act older then his age. A Mojoe is great with the ladies, they usually are attracted by a Mojoe’s big blue eyes. A Mojoe is very loyal and knows how to keep everyone happy.
He’s such a Mojoe
by Dabking2007 November 09, 2017
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A type of fagot who only comes around to say perverted things and flirt with guys. A mojoe would do something like bribe girls into flashing him or pay a girl to show a little asscrack. He forces girls to drink beer just so he can get some mad pussy. One of his techniques is jumping on girls while they are laying on Mill's floor.
He just pulled a mojoe and got that girl to show us some nipple.
by MOJOE April 21, 2005
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