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A girl who thinks shes hot and can get any guy she wants, posts pictures of herself wearing barely anything on facebook, extreme butterface, but she does have a nice body, most likely has herpes, and the only reason anyone stands up for her is because there tryna get it in
This girl is such a Tiffany Bannister thinking shes hot shit.

"'Tiff' Banister is pretty shallow.
by Truth Hurts Don't it July 29, 2012
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A girl that other girls desperately hate on , they go as far as making like pages and making endless statuses mocking her for putting " Whorish / slutty " pictures up . Meanwhile more then half of these girls do the same thing .
'Tiff' Bannister doesn't need an example , Get off her Tit . So Stop dick eating on 'Tiff' Banister .
by Not a Hater . July 27, 2012
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