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(Also known as Mama Whats Good)
A popularly used tag on Vine's Social Media originating from early February 2016 that was used to call out a popular Homestuck Cosplayer known as "Mama Roxy" or "Haru" on their abusive behavior and other actions that their fellow viners disapproved of. It received a lot of backlash from people who supported the popular viner despite the evidence of abuse and people that didn't want to be caught up in drama. It caused a huge rift in the cosplay communities on Vine and some people who were against Haru and their actions still are occasionally bothered by loyal fans of the cosplayer.

This tag was also sometimes associated with tags such as: #exposepotatoruler and #saltsquad

The original creators of the tag have stated that they never meant to spread hatred for Haru and were simply trying to stand up for themselves and others who had felt abuse by them.
"Heard that you were talking shit and you didn't think that we would hear it. #mamawhatsgood"
by VineCosplayCommunity November 20, 2016
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