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A hashtag used to call out someone who recently caught, (what's referred to as,) an L on any social media platform. The spoken form, (without a hashtag), can be used to identify someone who is being extremely unsocial, in essence, does not get any pussy (regardless of sexual preference).

The geographical origin of this word lies in India, but has been widespread throughout the Greater Toronto Area, in Canada. The influence of popular culture brought about this word, however many scholars believe the word has existed since 540 BC in an ancient dialect of Sanskrit (as with many other words in the English language), with a different definition, referring to a "gay man".

Other than the root definition, the beauty of this word lies in that it can be extendable to any and all negative word definitions, not just the current one (see examples), and the definition depends on the context of the conversation or roast. For this reason, if this word is used in a roast, then the user will win by default after usage.
"You're such a fucking Chinku."

"If you're going to be on your computer all day, then you might as well convert to Chinku-ism."

"CP24 News: 'Just in, a man recently got run over by naked, gay paraders in downtown Toronto, on Yonge and Dundas.'

Bystander: 'Only a true Chinku gets run over by a bunch of dicks.'"

"@person_1: 'I accepted an offer to major in Physics at UofT. Jobs, here I come!'

@person_2: '#Chinku'"
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by SammyBwoy June 20, 2018
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