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A bs excuse used by many lazy or stupid people who don't feel like reading a lot of info via books, essays, emails, "confusing" long anything written or typed (known to be TLDR). It also makes communication difficult between them and wordy intelligent people they clash with. Such people bully or treat the wordy people badly and also treat them as if they are from a lower caste.

They tend to be popular, because of the number of lazy people who also use their mentality as an excuse not to write or talk a lot like wordy/honest/open people. They typically get confused/disturbed/annoyed by anyone who talks/writes a lot. They call the wordy people crazy and get them into trouble/refuse them services.

Because of the "ADD" epidemic more people are lazy when it comes to reading and comprehension of large amounts of info. Because of the social difficulties, the smarties tend to be outcasts, some pretend to be dumb and quiet just to fit in and even secretive to the point of getting away with crimes like the lazies, while the wordy get into more trouble because of the trend of laziness and less talking/writing being considered sane and normal.

The dumbing down of education in the US may be the reason why so many people talk and write less than their wordy counterparts. The wordy are even diagnosed or undiagnosed with Asperger's, which is a label created by less wordy lazy less intelligent people.
"(long typed email or other communication)." -Smart/Wordy person A

"What? I am confused by what you said."/"TLDR" or (Ignore)/(incriminate/lockup smart person), etc. -Stupid/Lazy/"ADD" person B

"Why/what?" -Person A

"Its because i have "ADD" (excuse abused by many people)". -Person B
by Anonymousfemale April 11, 2014
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