In Tasmania, Australia there are 2 breeds of bogans, theres the typical male "aussie" style bogan: who wears "wife basher" shirts (singlet tops) with many torn holes, tight stone wash jeans or some other pants, usually either wearing one or tied around the waist or slung over there shoulder a flanelette (flannie) shirt or holden/ford tops, and a pair of old blundstone boots (blunnies) and usually drives and old Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon. And swear the faces off, usually every second word is f**k. And are commonly seen with a can of VB in there hand.
Then theres the 2nd type usually teens who are seen decked out in dada, wutang, fox racing, eminem plastic crap, and the baggy wutang, fubu, emineme brand etc jeans and usually topped off with a cap of some kind, thinking that they're so damn cool but they're not. The female version is jeans that are so tight like you would not believe, have their hair pulled back and slicked down with a whole tub of gel except for 2 front bits which are pulled out and are the same length as the rest of their hair (commonly called "bogan bits") and wear dada, wutang, fubu, fox racing etc, jumpers 10 times too big for them and wear whole stick of eye liner on each eye and way too much foundation and are seen pushing prams around followed by a colony of young children (all to differnt fathers)
My god there is so many bogans around Hobart! It's like Bogan Central or something!
Nah, not going there to many scary bogans around!
by Hilary June 25, 2004
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Lets get this straight, Bogans are Australia wide they are in every nook and cranny, and we love them because we can take the piss. Sure the women bogan has 6 kids to 6 different fathers, loves her alcohol and ciggies, has a different fashion sense, swears like a trooper, and is a general embarassment at the supermarket but at least we can look on and have bit of a laugh. As for the bloke well he loves his VB, ciggies/dope, flannie, mullet, beanie, holden or ford top, holden or ford car, has an excellent grasp on the english vocabluary, and has possible missing teeth, but who is going to look at him sideways when he's at the pub or he wants that car spot you want?
They are a national treasure and we should be proud, for our taxes pay for their everything.
Person 1: Have a look at this bloke
Person 2: What a bogan!
by croftbrudercandycane June 3, 2006
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A bogan,usually lives in the western suburbs of any major Australian city.The men have mullets,gaunt,unshaven faces,checked cut off shirts and short,shorts.The females have unkept hair,usually with the remains of a bad perm,track suits or tight jeans and midriff tops and gaunt sucked in, cigarette faces.
They talk with a nasal wine and very loudly. Each word is punctuated by expletives. They whinge about everything and anything.
Bogan females are ofen seen in shopping centres, at discount stores and eating fast food at take away outlets. They usually have a few obnoxious children in tow and are constantly yelling and swearing at them.They are ofen joined by a similar friend who they yell at loudly across the shopping centre.The men spend their time at the pub,tab, playing pool or hanging around football games
by xena100bc June 2, 2006
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Bogan n.
Bogans, although this is not widely known, are part of a seperate subspecies of homo sapien sapien. (This is regretted, however it is known that homo sapien boganus can breed with homo sapien sapiens, although it is unlikely) They are typically rude, uncouth, daggy, and use words suck as sheila and other abominable expressions.

Bogan adv.
Doing things stupidly or incorrectly, often whilst consuming the alcohol that is cheap yet strong.

Bogan adj.
When something is dirty, fat and inconsiderate.
What bogan decor!

Bogan v.
Again not commonly known, it is used as a filler verb, normally pertaining to fiddling around a bit.

Then you just bogan a bit, and you are done!
Normal Person1: Oh my, I can't beleive that after all these years the London Symphony is still fabulous
Normal Person2: Yes I know. Have you heard the SS?
Normal Person3: Yes, although they play dreadfully out of tune
Normal Person1: Yes I agree. And their speakers make it feel like an AC/DC concert or something
by Pitor October 15, 2007
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Bogan is a word used by Aussies for a person who is dirty and rude.
- Wear no shoes in public
- Are usually poor
- Wear dirty/ragged clothing
- Swear loudly in public
- Are Usually ugly
- Have no manners
- Show disrespect almost always
- Scab other peoples garbage on tip day
- Drink a lot of alcohol
- Fart and Burp loudly in public
- Usually Have kids who are misbehaved
- Sometimes overweight, with bad teeth
"OMG, look at that woman! Thats the epitome of bogan right there. No shoes, ripped trackies and shes taking those peoples garbage! Eww!"
"Eww, her husband is worse, though"
by zoe =] July 11, 2008
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Often a blanket, derisive term used by those who are fortunate enough to be endowed with a new car and a tidy stock portfolio for their eighteenth birthday. While not all those who are unfortunate enough to live in the western suburbs conform to the bogan stereotype, snobs and eastern suburbs wannabe's will generalise about anyone who they deem not of their ilk. let's not confuse bogans with westies, and even if we do, some people just like black jeans and vb's and if all they can afford is an early model ford or holden then good luck to them. Lot's of luck to the lot of them.
"imogen, look at that disgusting bogan!"
"They should be exterminated!"
by rents52 August 24, 2009
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The definitions of Bogan here are mostly by non Bogan contributors and as such give a highly bias view.

In Western Australia bogans were a bona fide youth culture embracing heavy metal music and Aussie muscle cars. Bogan took over from the old 'Rocker' term that had been around since the 50's and 60's. In fact the word Bogan is a variant of the word Bodgie, an old Australian word for Rocker.
A typical school in WA in the eighties would be divided into Surfies, Bogans and Mods(who also included skinheads, punks, goths and other anglophiles).

We did have a uniform as bogans, black jeans, black ripple sole desert boots, flannelette shirt and blue singlet or black t-shirt with your favourite metal band print(mine was AC/DC). Yes there were mullets but we generally shaved our heads.
We drove any H series Holdens and motorbikes were also popular, nowadays a true bogan is hard to distinguish from a Bikie and many of us got envolved with Bikie Clubs. But a true bogan is a Rev-head with a love of Metal. Eastern States people have expanded the term to include just any white trash.
Bogan's do burnouts and Bog-laps in HQ's
Bogan's are the surfies enemy
Bogan is a part of Australian youth culture that had it's heydey in the eighties and was born out of the earlier Rocker movement.
by Wayne Corrigan April 26, 2006
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