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Derogatory term generally used by people who hate Facebook or other social networking sites.

I have a Facebook account because my friend asked me to join but I really hate failbook.
by ~vjay~ July 08, 2008
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TJNR aka That's Just Not Right! forums.

The place to be if you like decent grammar. Some of the members are inept when it comes to spelling but we have grammar Nazis afoot who like to point out how stupid someone is for making a typographic error, generally while making their own in the process.

The forum consists of mainly Americans with a smattering of other countries represented. Admin consists of a seal fucker, an old drunk, a gay maintenance man and a Californian with too much time on his hands who's favourite hobby is visiting Mexico for cheap sex.

We have ATTENTION whores!
We have idiots!
We have pretentious fucks who like to think they are better than everyone else!
We have pretend women because everyone knows women don't know how to turn on a computer!
We have the tendency to run off anyone resembling a woman because we prefer the company of old fucks who need a bed pan, and the gays, I mentioned gays right?
We also have toast!

We also have a variety of different forum sections run by moderators with varying degrees of bitchiness and/or competency and pissing them off is like playing the slot machines, either way you are going to lose.

P.S: Bring a sense of humour. Throwing a tantrum over being told off is akin to wearing a large sign pinned to your ass saying 'Kick Me' and will be dealt with accordingly, by dealt with I mean made fun of by members and moderators alike.

*Membership to the TJNR forums is totally free and we do not sell subscriptions.
My favourite website is thatsjustnotright.com

by ~vjay~ May 19, 2008
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