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Parade bae is a term meaning your life partner that your will fuck on a daily, kiss and cuddle and make babies with
“Her Jeremiah have you made her your parade bae yet”

Jeremiah: “no not yet but soon”
by ~UnknownblackQueen March 14, 2020
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The mother of all humans the flower of the desert and the Nubian Queen. African women are the carers of the earth and our roots Stretch to the begging of the earth. We are the most diverse multi cultural and exotically beautiful women on earth with beautiful curves and skin that glows in the sun like Gold. We range from dark Nubian chocolate to light caramel and we make up all the flavours in the chocolate box. We are beautiful beings of blossoming beauty
“Did you see that African woman?”
“Yes that is black beauty with chocolate skin
by ~UnknownblackQueen November 16, 2019
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