3 definitions by ~Hi~

A Word Nerds Use To Replace "Cool" Or "Awesome"
White Nerd 1: Hey I Saw You On World Of Warcraft Last Night!
White Nerd 2: My Guys Buff
White Nerd 1: I Know, Its Neato!!
by ~Hi~ November 3, 2010
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1) Someone who Likes Arrow, 2) someone Epicley Failing At Spelling Aerosmith

Guy 2: ahem, sir dumba**... ITS AEROSMITH!!
by ~Hi~ November 3, 2010
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wtfdtnjs???: what the fuck did that nigga just say?

comon between african american texting
Black Guy Texter 1: yo, u gay nigggaaaaaaa!!!

Black Guy 1:Guy Next To Reciver Of The Text wtfdtnjs??
by ~Hi~ November 3, 2010
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