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Very nice area in Brooklyn, lots of Russians living there now, causing a great deal of jealousy among the old white-trash/American residents.
From May 15 to September 15 on weekends and holidays only, you can't park there, however you can park there Monday through Friday as long as it's not Memorial day, fourth of July or Labor day! Kinda stupid for the residents since they can't have friends over on the weekends for BBQs, unless the friends take the bus, because pple can only park in their driveways/garage (can fit a maximum of three cars).
The residents have a great deal with Kingsborough community college that allows them to use Kingsborough's beach during the summer; Manhattan Beach is a public beach and what ends up happening in the summer is that it gets swamped with ghetto trash from east new york who totally trash the beach; kingsborough beach, however is off limits to manhattan beach residents and kingsborough students/faculty only.
It borders Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach, so lots of shopping and restaurants, the only thing that sucks is that stupid assh&les park their cars on shore blvd and make lots of noise all night during the summer.
White trash resident from Brooklyn: "where do the Russians get the money to live on Manhattan beach?"

Answer: "Um, they all have college degrees in computer science and engineering, work their asses off, make lots of money and buy houses in Manhattan Beach!"
by zxcvasdf October 07, 2006

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