3 definitions by zulema(kawakitrd)

dripmakoto is a small bwean, don’t take their cookies or else you will regret it, dripmakoto loves working at KFC with nagito, Kokichi, and ibuki!
dripmakoto > the universe
by zulema(kawakitrd) July 29, 2021
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Kawaki is one of the best characters in fiction.He’s from boruto(the new generation of Naruto).He’s one of the only reasons why I’m watching/reading boruto.He also carries the entire series.In my opinion he’s a very relatable character,which is why I talk about him 24/7
my favorite character is Kawaki”
marry me
by zulema(kawakitrd) March 12, 2022
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Boruto is a pine cone looking mf that is the second best character in boruto(he’s the main character even tho Kawaki should be).I slander him as a joke but in reality I really love his character.Ngl I kinda relate to him
I love pine cones
“Then you will love Boruto!”
by zulema(kawakitrd) March 12, 2022
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