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Is a slang word for Brother. Except it has the ending of Mu-stafa meaning the chosen one.

Combined they create the word Brostafa. Meaning one of your brothers/best friends who you look up to for there spuriousness.

Pronounced BRO-STA-FA
Me: What's up brostafa?

You: Wow what a compliment I didn't know i was so looked up upon by you.
by zooyorkfreak March 30, 2009

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rotsky (rot - skee) n., v., adj. A completely avoidable meme: The act of making a lame joke what causes every liter in the vicinity to accuse the joker of idiocy.

rotsky (rots - kee) n., v., adj. An internet cliche originating with the website Fark.
Example: Person A: Will Britney lose custody of her boys today?

rotsky: Sorry that should be "Will Britney loose her kids today?"

All: Wow rotsky can't spel, what a Moran!

The term "lose" was originally correct and was corrected incorrectly intentionally incorrectly corrected by the rotsky (sorry, pet peeve).

by zooyorkfreak September 17, 2007

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