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A cute, funny, adventurous girl who likes to eat kfc.

She's caring, helpful and loves trying new things. She's hawt, gawjus, pretty, sweet, lovely, and beautiful.
Oh wow, she's doing a raabiah.
by zombiesareamazing February 1, 2013
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She can be funny and very pretty indeed though can have mood switches in an instant.

You should never wake her up in the morning as she will threaten to murder you and your legs.

Apart from that anyone who is friends with an Ishini will have an amazing time as she knows how to get the party going.

She can be very kind most of the time and is a loyal friend, if she talks to you or even touches you- be happy. Hardly many people get to become friends with an Ishini or even be touched or talked to and so you should be one excited person and tell the world.

Ishini can also be amazing or perfect.
Rabs: Oh my that art work is amazing!

lish: I know, it's been done to an Ishini standard.
by zombiesareamazing April 28, 2013
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