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The act of trapping and devouring a sumo customer in the game Zombie Cafe by Capcom to fill the empty tummy of your low on energy zombie.

Introduced by a gamer/user Ant Man.
Gamer: This is just perfect, I've been waiting for this moment for days (extremely happy while starring at her iPhone).

Friend: Did you just get a promotion you've been waiting for?

Gamer: Ha ha, no. I've trapped a sumo in Zombie Cafe, I'm gonna go sumo fishing now, watch this, it's so much fun! LOL.
by zombiefangirl March 21, 2011

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An extremely popular and addictive game from Capcom for Apple's iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. You hire zombies to cook, serve and dine on customers. You destroy other rival cafes, kill their chefs, customers, and steal money, food and sometimes win free toxins in the process.

Short is ZC.
Friend A: (In class) Your so sleepy girl, what have you been doing all night?

Friend B: Serving tables, filling in orders and devouring rival cafes :)

Friend A: Zombie Cafe?

Friend B: So you play ZC too? Why the hell you didn't tell me before? ;p Add me immediately.
by zombiefangirl March 21, 2011

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