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A girl that uses social media and sleeps all day. She may also be very quiet, sweet and/or small

(Not to be confused with - lazy)
Amy's a sleepy girl Im not worried about her cheating on me!
by Evvysgottem March 03, 2017
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A Sleepy Gilr is a girl who sleeps more than she should. She has reasons why she likes to sleep so much. She's the best type of girl that there is, she can be a little slow and shy at times. But she always cares for everyone, in the most purest of ways.
"Hey , you know that girl Kylee? "
"Wait is that the one Sleepy Girl who's dating James? "
"Yeahhh bro. "
"Damn it, James is a lucky ass MotherFucker"
by Grandmaster Lancaster May 31, 2018
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