5 definitions by zoidberg

Exsponge - The process of removing spooge by any means.
1. You better exsponge 'em sheets on da bed cause I ain't sleepN in the wet spot!!!

2. I gots to exponge my under roos... I spooged all in 'em last night.
by zoidberg November 21, 2003
The greatest fucking character ever. On the show Futurama he is a giant lobster man named, Zoidberg!
(\/)(;,,,;)(\/) ate all of the food in the trash.
by zoidberg February 20, 2013
a phrase created by someone called whatever, by miss-spelling the name gollum
(wtfever) goolumieye!
(wtfever) gollum!
by zoidberg October 28, 2004
player gets killed in warcraft
winner says,"me 2 poo 4 u"
by zoidberg November 1, 2003