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used to reassure a statement to people with doubts, da truth
guy: bla, bla, bla
Guy2: for real?
guy: real talk!
by zay zay November 10, 2008
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unfortunately, a state dat gets ragged on everychance it has. in actuality it is one of the best states period. for all you other haters from cali and ny, fuck you and the bitch you rode on. South carolina is just like every other southern state. We got our rednecks, our idiots, our niggas. and yea some of our schools ain't all dat good. But we still got our southern gentlemen, hospitalaty, slang, accent and intelligent people.I've lived in da hood of S.C all mylife andgo to one of da ghettoest schools in da state. But I couldn't pick a better or more beautiful state to live in.
All you other bitches and hataz can fuck off and go back where you came from. nobody asked fo yo 2 cent.South Carolina has a natural beauty, unlike the north, all polluted and shit. if ya don't like it, stop bitchin and wastin our time. If ya hate it heya den leave. shouldn't o' came down heya if yo didn'tlike it heya.Hatin', bitch, complainin', ass, uppity ass niggas.
by zay zay November 13, 2008
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I don't known why ya'll niggas is trippin,weezy is one of the best rappers in da game
don't beleive me, watch da BET awards. Lil Wayne won everythang
by zay zay November 10, 2008
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