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Very good rap music which deals with gangsta lifestyle such as 2Pac, Biggie, DRE, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Snoop Dogg and many more good rappers.
Hey yo Rage would you please drop some gangsta shit
Snoop Doggy Dogg on G Funk Intro
by yoyoyoyo March 23, 2007
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It is an adjective used for Fat,bulgy,Oversize people!
He is Very Inika.
he is Inika in size.
by yoyoyoyo October 25, 2013
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premium grade wood from the western alaskan native tealwood tree. normally an unassuming piece of wood, if chopped/sliced into smaller pieces tealwood is an extremely potent hallucinogen.

historically used by the native alaskan inuit peoples for medical purposes. tealwood uses as a hallucinogen was generally unheard of until being imported into seattle in 2002 in large portions. tealwood use is rapidly spreading across the county and is becoming popular on the east coast with a large tealwood user base forming in the NJ, PA, NY tristate area.

there are currently no laws against tealwood use in the US but several state legislatures are moving to make its usages illegal. tealwood prices range from $25-50 per block based on the size of the block. go out and try it.
i am so messed up on this tealwood right now.
by yoyoyoyo June 20, 2007
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