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Williamsville High School is a school serving the towns of Williamsville, Sherman, and Andrew. It's been around since the early 1900s and has become one of the richest schools in Illinois. It's mainly known for it's victories in almost every sport they do. It's also very famous for its Band Program which usually wins SEMA contest every year. Though Williamsville may think it's B.A. it's truely a school full of white-trash farmer kids who need a good punch.
Cheer, Cheer, for Williamsville High School!
by your a fool 3 July 27, 2011
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Sherman is a large town just outside of Springfield, the state of Illinois capitol. It has about 20 subdivisons all spread out and seem to expand forever. Sherman blvd is where most activity is. It consist of the clinic, the Crossing Strip Mall, Larson's Plaza, Dairy Queen, Williamsville State Bank, Family Video, Town Hall, and the newest adition, a Walgreens. The town is hopeing to add a County Market which will have other businesses like FitClub and China Star. The town attends Williamsville School District.
Sherman IL is too big
by your a fool 3 July 27, 2011
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A funny nickname for Glenwood High School since its so trashy and most people dislike it.
ew you go to Glenweed?
by your a fool 3 July 28, 2011
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