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Glenwood High school is a super legit school, we are white trash but it's okay. Don't listen to SHG kids they're just a bunch of off brand private school students who are jealous that we beat them 34-10 in football last night.
Maybe we should move to that super legit school called Glenwood high school.
by white trash bash September 06, 2019
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A public school found in chatham, illinois. It is filled with really awful teachers but many slutty girls, some of which are good looking. Also, people that attend this school really know how to party for reallllllllllll.
Tom: your in my math class at glenwood high school right?

Mark: yes for sure,what did you get on that math test?

Tom: an F, ms walbert doesnt know what she's teaching. Good thing there's that party this weekend. Getting fucked always takes my mind off of grades.
by party on. June 19, 2009
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The most legendary school in the world, which has awesome people and an awesome rugby team. The debating team is also very awesome.
Oh my, I wish I went to that awesome school Glenwood High School. Everyone says it is awesome.
by Stinkily malicious September 07, 2004
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Glenwood High School is a low income high school in Chatham IL where a bunch of white-trash, ghetto, crack head students who always skip class to pick corn and smoke pot in their pick up trucks and are very upset because they are all very poor and can never figure out why they can never beat SHG because they suck in all sports besides baseball and that is only because they all shoot up on many steroids before and after every game.
Look at all those poor kids at Glenwood High School. They are just jealous because they drive pick ups instead of BMWs and smoke pot all day when they are not doing steroids for baseball. Hurry drive away before they shoot at us.
by BJONT TRTY August 30, 2010
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