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is a mixture of 4 groups of people, thugs who get fucked up, preppy kids who get fucked up, the kids that fall in between and get fucked up, and then the dorky kids that don't go out everynight, black out and bang some skee-o. The thugs dont respect the preppy kids cause they think they're gay, preppy kids don't respect the thugs cause they think they're gay, and no one respects the dorky kids cause their virgins. The other guys manage to do alright for themselves, and can be found smoking a blunt, chugging a beer, or disrespecting a girl, in a public place or private, at basically any time of the day. Some kids hang out at harford mall and the superfresh parking lot, both of which are gay. Some kids get wasted in eachothers houses, but NO ONE consistently has something great to do. Tree is easier to get then beer, and chances are in the course of your time here, at least 150 people WILL talk shit about you behind your back. You'll also have at least two run-ins with kids whom you've never met but somehow managed to piss off.
"Yo mother fucker i heard you been talking mad shit yo"

"Who are you? You smell."
by younghov April 19, 2005
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