10 definition by young enigma

Adj. A word used to describe a television program or movie, so painfully boring to sit through, that it is comparable to an average PG-Era episode of WWE Raw.
Guy 1: dude did you watch The Wolfman?
Guy 2: Yes I did, I thought it was Rawful.
by young enigma February 24, 2010

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When you find out a critical plot element from a movie/game/book, and it only makes you want to see it more, instead of "spoiling" it.
There's a main character switch in Metal Gear Solid 2, two hours in!? now i'm interested. thanks for the anti-spoiler
by young enigma July 24, 2009

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An alternative use of the phrase "No Homo". Originated from the GameFAQs Rap/Hip-Hop board, where it is regularly used to bypass censors.
Dude I totally beat that guy's ass last night. No Romo.
by young enigma June 23, 2009

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