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A carapace is a dorsal (upper) section of the exoskeleton or shell in a number of animal groups, including arthropods, such as crustaceans and arachnids, as well as vertebrates, such as turtles and tortoises. In turtles and tortoises, the underside is called the plastron.

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In cases of speech and sayings, it may be used as a replacement for the word shell.
"The carapace of these turtles lacks scutes and is covered instead with a leathery skin."
"I don't blame him for building a carapace around his true self"
by younerd July 24, 2023
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a thickened horny or bony plate on a turtle's shell or on the back of a crocodile, stegosaurus, etc.

(for some reason all the other definitions are saying scute is "sexy + cute" or "sweet + cute", which I had bever heard before, so idk what is even happening on this site)
"Wow, I sure do enjoy indulging in the consumption of scutes, it sure does bring a smile to my face"
by younerd July 24, 2023
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An exclamation, when your numpty cousin john's kids are around and he doesn't want you swearing in front of them, but you just stubbed your toe so flipping hard and you gotta react in some way, but little timmy is two feet away and john is looking right at you so you have to say them that gets as close to the satisfaction of yelling "FUCK" really loudly after stubbing your toe but- ... what was i talking about?
by younerd July 24, 2023
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1. someone who frequents urban dictionary
2. someone who knows how to format definitions

"Nerd" is not a complement, it isn't someone saying you are "smart" or that you "know things". The word nerd is synonymous with 'idiot', 'loser', etc.

If you've been called a nerd, then either you have know idea why, or you have come completely to terms with your situation, and have to accept it, you nerd.
You are such a f---ing nerd. You nerd.
by younerd July 24, 2023
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A reminder that as much of a failure that you are, there is always someone more disappointing than you.
(although you are currently on Urban Dictionary, so maybe not so much).
"You strike me as someone who would be a Flat Earther"
by younerd July 24, 2023
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A word that apparently is Scottish, but you use it by calling people that are idiots "idiots" without them realizing it because... well, they are idiots. Luckily, great minds think alike, so both me and the Scottish know what is up.
"Dude, Jim is such a fucking numpty, he keeps eating shrimp whole, he doesn't take off the carapace before he shoves it into his fat little mouth."
by younerd July 24, 2023
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