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The kindest person you'll ever meet. She always puts others before herself and cares for everyone around her. She'll never speak a bad thing about anyone and preaches positivity in everything she does. Her lifetime goal is to make people happy. She is a perfectionist and does well in basically everything she does. Her smile is worth a million dollars and her laugh never fails to put a smile on your face. She can be very shy but once she is comfortable around you, she is very outgoing. If you are lucky enough to know a Tegan, treasure her forever. She is one of the greatest friends you'll ever have and an even better girlfriend. She'll listen to you and give you advice, she'll comfort you when you're upset, and support you through everything. If you break her heart, its very unlikely you'll be forgiven, as Tegan's hold a lot of grudges. Once you've broken her trust, your relationship will never be the same. It's very hard to get a Tegan to open up, she has to really trust you to tell you her feelings. Generally she is a very happy person. But she is also very good at putting up a facade. Tegan's sense of humour is one of her best traits. She is one of the most beautiful girls you'll ever meet. Everyone adores Tegan, she is unforgettable.
My best friend Tegan is perfection. I'm so lucky to have her.
by youareperfect August 04, 2017

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