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Summer..Woah..Summer is an amazing person,no doubt!!she is beautiful without effort.She doesn’t even need makeup.Her natural beauty is enough to draw in many many guys,but she set on one guy and one guy only.She desires a future with him and will stop at nothing to make sure she lives out their plans together.She however doesn’t have much self confidence,tho she acts like she does.She strives to be good in school.When it comes to academics she won’t settle for less.She is caring and loving and giving unlike anyone you’ve ever met.She is a GREAT listener and she is someone you would want as a bestfriend.If you’ve ever done her wrong I’m sure you regret it now because,she’s the best it gets.She keeps her friend group small but is still nice to everyone.All in all summer is one of a kind
“Hey did you see summer?”
“yeah,beautiful isn’t she”
by youKnowwwwthatonebitch July 24, 2018

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