1 definition by you know who now dont you 123

1. A nickname for a person who is to old to hang around with people, often staying on at school, they also have low standards and attempt to get with butters girls, likes to be in charge, normally orginating in chavy areas eg. thanet.
2. An advanced primate, sometimes seen riding on a segway.
3. a shorter version of medophile
4. a person who has an obsession with 'Manning Up' and growing 'trusticles'
Guy 1: why are you still at school, your 19!
guy 2: well there are reasons.
Guy 1: your such a Medo!

2.in the wild, the rare medo primate is often seen riding on a segway, where he got it from nobody knows, bam ba ba bam bam bam.

A normal medo: man up and grow some trusticles (often said in an intent way)
by you know who now dont you 123 January 17, 2011