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- adjective. 1. Acting or gesticulating in a manner either in speech or behavior similar to Adolf Hitler, especially with regards to his noted private rants or ravings as observered by Hitler's inner circle, such as Albert Speer, or others; 2. Acting in a manner or behavior thoughtless of consequences.
"Sept. 22, 1938. This morning, I noticed something very interesting. I was having breakfast in the garden of the Dresen Hotel, where Hitler is stopping, when the great man suddenly appeared, strode past me, and went down to the edge of the Rhine to inspect his river yacht...I think
Hitler is on the edge of a nervous breakdown. And now I understand the meaning of an expression the party hacks were using when we sat around drinking in the Dressen last night. They kept talking about the "Teppichfresser"', the "carpet-eater". At first I didn't get it, and then someone explained it in a whisper. They said, Hitler has been having some of his nervous crises lately and that in recent days they've taken a strange form. Whenever he goes on a rampage about Benes or the Czechs he flings himself to the floor and chews the edges of the carpet hence the Teppichfresser. After seeing him this morning, I can believe it." - William Shrirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

1. My boss exploded into Hitlerian fury when he found out we couldn't meet our sales quota by pounding his fists on the table, and then screaming and blaming all of us for the company's failure.

2. Remarkably, it never occurred to her to actually ask Dr. Jones or Dr. Smith about the family. She simply began badgering and bullying the family to do certain things, and when they did not respond as she wished, she called DCF. Dr. Brown would never have acted in this Hitlerian manner with an upper-middle-class family.

by yoshi77 February 29, 2008

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Similar to a fuck buddy or friend with benefits, a dial-a-dick is someone who is more than willing to participate in sexual relations, without any of the hang ups associated with
No, no, no. I don't masturbate. I just call my dial-a-dick and he's at my apartment door in half an hour, down on my pussy five minutes after that.
by yoshi77 October 22, 2008

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