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1:A 4-Corner Huslter (a Gang Member related 2 da bloodz and vice lordz)

2:A Number instead of sayin for or four

3: An rival; enemy
1:datz my foe nicca

2:It'z foe her not me; itz foe o'clock

3: he is my foe;
by yo_wifey14 July 19, 2006

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1)same thing az a baller.. a ballette iz a female version and but dey betta
1) was sup balla'z en ballettez (therez usually a girl verion of da word- baller-ballette, pimp-pimpette, thug-thugette)
by yo_wifey14 July 20, 2006

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ying yang iz a symbol duh.(a chinese symbol) it symbolyizes peace but it really standz 4 understanding of how things work, see the The outer circle representz "everything", while the black and white shapez within the circle represent the interaction of two energiez and they cannot exist without each other-(with out yin/ying yang would be off balance creating chaos samething with yang without ying) ying iz the black and yang iz the white
ying yang iz very important, it prevents choas between the living, ying yang iz balance
by yo_wifey14 July 20, 2006

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