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Wolfenstein 3D (often incorrectly credited as the first, first person shooter) is an FPS game for DOS computers created by ID, who are the creators of DOOM, as well Quake, and even FPS games before wolfenstein.

The game consists of fighting nazis, mutants, dogs (or giant rats in the crappy nintendo version) and several larger boss enemies, including Hitler and Hans Grosse.

The game is extremely historically accurate as well.
I am playing wolfenstein 3D blasting away nazis with a chaingun, woot.
by yellowmadness54 July 01, 2011

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Maze war is likely first FPS (first person shooter) game, made in 1974-ish. The actual release date of it is not known.

You play as an apperent eyeball. When you see another eyeball (player), you shoot, them. You will get a point by harming them, and lose a point if you are harmed yourself.
avg guy: the first FPS was wolfenstein3D
smart person: nope it was maze war, indubatebly.
by yellowmadness54 July 01, 2011

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