2 definitions by yeetthebaby03

a very homosexual male, usually has a broken penis and is barely a non-virgin. although he has many friends he cant escape the loneliness inside of him. faps too much- so much that his mom starts crying whenever she sees him because she's walked in on him too many times.
great friend, loyal, caring about others, says the N word and "fag" too much, gets turned on by everything including the quadratic formula.
god complex, likes the feeling of demonetization.
gay for both drake AND josh from drake and josh.
he also kinda has a bowl cut but he told us not to regard it.
i think thats about it
no example needed we all know
reed im just kidding dont be a sad b0i
"wow, how reed of you to wear a rainbow flag to school!"
by yeetthebaby03 November 13, 2018
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A very cute boy who is super talented but doesn't realize it. Can sometimes be a meanie.
"Xenon? Who's that?"
"Oh, you know him, the pretty boy who likes teasing his girlfriend a bunch."
"OHHHH him!! Isn't he cute?"
by yeetthebaby03 August 29, 2018
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