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Extremely or uncomfortably cold. (Used predominantly by South Londoners)
Person 1: "What's the temp like?"

Person 2: "It's Bare Chaps out there bruv!"
by yalooze November 11, 2009

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Acronym for a derogatory term for a person (usually a woman). Considered by many to be one of the most offensive acronyms in the English language.
Person 1: I fucking hate Chris!
Person 2: Yeah, he definitely works for the Centre for United Nations Technology.
Person 1: I'm pretty sure he founded it.
by yalooze February 08, 2010

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An evolution of a mixture of slang terms used to describe a global network of computers linked together over the TCP/IP protocol that allows people to connect and communicate pretty much anything to anyone (when it's not hampered by excruciating slow connections, or down completely).

Evolution: Internet > Interweb > Interwebs > Twebs
Person 1: Is the twebs working for you?

Person 2: Nah mate, the twebs has completely crapped itself. I can't even get on Facebook let alone do my actual work...
by yalooze April 28, 2011

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