2 definitions by xiexiexiaopunyo69

Phase used to counter foreshadowed impending pain upon an individual. Usually spoken out of fear of punishment.
Person 1: "Nigga let's throw hands"
Person 2: "Nigga ima lick yo ass hole"
Person 1: "Big sorry, big sorry"
by xiexiexiaopunyo69 May 3, 2017
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Used to define something clutch or a great opportunity. Can be used to describe a positive outcome to a situation. Usually used in reference towards commotitties or women.
"I just got these new yeezys on aliexpress for $5 bruh" "Bro that's not a come up you trippin ass nigga"

"I just copped me some percocet this is the biggest come up ever"
by xiexiexiaopunyo69 May 3, 2017
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