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-abbrieviation meaning
-good game good luck
-used in the beginning of a game as a formality
-some people find it offensive as it implies that the person who has said it has already won and that said person shouldnt even bother trying
person2: thx u2
freewins4you: gggl
*warcraftIII player*: *silence*
(freewins4you kills the other players hero unit)
*other player*:sigh
*other player*:dam chinks
by xiaolin- December 09, 2004
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GGNOREKTHX originated from a game called WarcraftIII.

GGNOREKTHX is an abbreviation meaning
Good Game No Remake OKay

It is used as an enhancement to words such as 'pwned' or 'owned'. The phrase itself means that one has defeated another in a game, and declares that there will be no rematch, and concludes with 'okay, thanks for the win'
"dboss you noob ggnorekthx"
"zediabolical u sux ggnorekthx"
by XiaOLiN- December 09, 2004
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