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abbreviation for giggle

to laugh in a silly way with a mixture of short, high, and low pitched sounds.
Can be used if it's not a laugh out loud lol situation.

A dude flirts with a girl and she gggl.

by Donsuz February 17, 2009
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-abbrieviation meaning
-good game good luck
-used in the beginning of a game as a formality
-some people find it offensive as it implies that the person who has said it has already won and that said person shouldnt even bother trying
person2: thx u2
freewins4you: gggl
*warcraftIII player*: *silence*
(freewins4you kills the other players hero unit)
*other player*:sigh
*other player*:dam chinks
by xiaolin- December 09, 2004
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