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Emo kids who think their totally hot shit that take themselves to seriously. This does not apply to all emo kids, just the ones that think their amazing and act like complete and total douche-bags for no apparent reason.
examples of emo douchebaggery

1) the sideways peace sign.

2) showing off drinking/smoking/drugs to seem cool.

3) being overly loud/obnoxious to draw attention to ones self.

4) constantly talking in scene/emo lingo.

5) fucking over friends.

6) using internet/txt lingo out loud.

7) thinking your totally popular and amazing when in reality your only friends are the myspace friends you've never actually met.

8) thinking your totally hxc when in reality your a fob loving poser.

9) hitting things or acting metal or tough to prove how hxc you are when your really just a pussy.

10) sending n00dz.

11) referring to yourself in 3rd person.

12) claiming to love photography when you know nothing about it.

13) claiming to be an artist when all you draw is anime.

14) saying your a writer when all you write is 1st grade level poetry about life sucking.

15) adding "the" or "ster" to your name.
by xexilia March 20, 2009

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