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When a person displays their feelings instead of hiding them.
John: Hey Kate, I wear my heart on my sleeve, have you noticed?

Kate: What does that mean?

John: It means I openly display my feelings.

Kate: Oh well then yes, I can see that clearly, you have feelings for me.

John: Yes ma'am, I love you!
by xblack attackx January 22, 2012

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A town in New York where no one but a bunch of dirtbags live whose parents are brother and sister, or they came from a test tube.
Marshall:Did you hear about those Greenwood Lake dwellars?
MacKenzie:Yeah aren't they all inbreds?
by xblack attackx May 08, 2011

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The best genre of music out right now. Even though some of it sounds like Transformers making love it's still amazing. it creates eargasms and possible even full on orgasms. Like for instance: if you listen to sierra leone u will ejaculate.
Drug Junkie: Hey man you got some change so i can get me my fix of Dubstep.

Pedestrian(Male): Well if it's for Dubstep I guess it's ok. Here you go

Drug Junkie: Oh thanks man you did what Jesus would do.
by xblack attackx July 28, 2011

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