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Dumb bitch syndrome can happen when one does stupid things.
- When a female does something incredibly stupid.
Vulgar - When a female just does stupid shit naturally.
- Female who acts without thinking causing her to act dumb.
Female jumps out of a car because there is a bug inside, she has a case of dumb bitch syndrome.
People such as, but not limited to Britiny Spears, Paris hilton, and Jessica Simpson. All the women listed previousely have a case of Dumb Bitch Syndrome
by xGarthx April 07, 2010

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An incredibly ugly, vile looking female that can only be described by something you find in a nightmare, a beast. Shebeasts are ugly and usually very fat.
*Sees incredibly ugly and fat female*
Me: Whoa, you see that shebeast right there?
by xGarthx June 06, 2011

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Aw snap is used when something goes wrong, such as if there is a Fight and someone just got "told".
You say:I Love you Kira
She says:I Don't love you
I say: Aw Snap!
by xGarthx January 14, 2010

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