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Khaylers will have a good way with words and their words might touch others.They love being complimented as long as it stays true and doesnt exagerate, favourite compliment being either about their hair, being evil, or music taste/ style of clothing.

Also an anime lover. As for their abilty to love, it is exceptional. Their are very passionate and desire-filled...might come across as a bit emotionally clingy, since their abilty to sense their partner's emotions.

These guys will love shooter video games. Alot of girls will like a Khayler and he might be popular, when in fact he doesn't want it.

As for physical appearance, they will be of average build, slim but firm, not too tall but not short. Usually amazing eyes and hair, and a smile that can make anyones day. Pleasant to talk to and a person will feel different in a positive way after contact with or talking to a Khayler.
Part 2 of the first definition of Khayler.
by xDieWithMex May 15, 2011
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A quite uncommon guy's name perhaps taken after the more common version Kyler.People with this name are one of a kind, unique in nearly every way possible.
They have a twisted sense of humour but make people laugh nevertheless.They have a great sense of style and taste in clothing as well as in music, commonly former mainstreamers and rap listeners but reformed to metalheads and maggots as well as other metalcore, hardcore, rock and screamo fans.
They have a mind of their own and are wise and intelligent beings.Will not tolerate snobiness or accusations of being called homosexuals.Can be affectionate and loyal,will stand up for their friends and are lovable.Usually like hugs and are amazing kissers.
These guys fall in love easily and have an incredible ability to get through life's challenges even though at time, they wish for death or might resort to cutting.Very likely to be emo at heart.Will most likely play an instrument like piano, drums or guitar,the last being most probable.They are evil and innocent at the same time, evil being used as a term for bad-ass fun.
At times may annoy their friends but thats part of being bad-ass.Might be a prankster/joker which they will enjoy doing.Generally good at heart, nice, trustworthy and faithful.Will most probably have a sick mind or may be slightly perverted but not to the extreme.Very emotional and will try to love their partner with all their heart.Might suffer from time to time but they are strong and will get through it.
Person 1: How come that Khayler guy gets all the girls chasing after him without doing anything?

Person 2: Thats cuz he's awesome....and I heard he's in a band. Groupies....

Person 1: Pfffffftttt.....I just don't see it....how come it doesn't work for me?

Person 2: That's cuz you're not Khayler....and you're not awesome! XD
by xDieWithMex May 15, 2011
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