5 definitions by x0 LuCi0uS

either stick or stuck..
-stick--imma punch dat nigga in his jaw
-stuck--i punched dat boy in his face las week
dat fuckin lil boy pissin me tha fuck off imma go stick him wen tha bell rings
by x0 LuCi0uS March 11, 2005
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wen a guy eats out a gurl nd she cums nd he licks dat skeet up
me nd martha did tha sticky las night
by x0 LuCi0uS March 12, 2005
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to start rankin on some poe lil nigga dat think he hard
antwone imma ride yo dick if yo ass dont shut tha fuck up tryin to act all hard but guess wut nigga yo ass softa den a pancake
by x0 LuCi0uS March 10, 2005
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the rawest city in all of florida bitches..daz where all da hardcore niggas stay at
areas in tha 305:
goulds,cutler ridge,richmond heights,perrine,homestead,florida city,westchesta,carol city,south miami,
miami heights etc: yall 305 niggas kno who we b
by x0 LuCi0uS March 11, 2005
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wen a female's stomache stick out fartha den hurr bo0ty d0o
lmfao i jus think das mother fucker funny as fuck
damnnn dat gurl stomache stick out fartha den her 'bo0ty do0'
by x0 LuCi0uS March 11, 2005
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