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A club that men go to filled with women that are in the same genetic line as them or somehow randomnly posessed by satan every couple of minutes. The women will proceed to arouse the men, take their clothes off and make little kissy faces. Women will work' a pole and try to glimmer their face with much make-up. Some get scholarships for college by rubbing them nipples at their biological second cousins that are bred the same genetic from their Aunt Hooker Fairy.
Gred went to the Strip Club on Saturday to give his aunt Lima some spare change for a toothbursh."

Casey "Bobby went to the Strip Club last night."
Kilo "Oh yeah, what he'd tell you about it?"
Casey "He said this his cousin on his aunt's side gave him a lap dance and then wobbled away kindof embarassed."
Kilo "Well what the fuck is wrong with her?"

I wish Obama would shut the Strip Clubs down what a way to go inbred.
by wuwabee July 03, 2010
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