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Possibly one of the worst head football coaches in the history of the SEC. A fool who can sink a football program faster than anyone else humanly possible. Better know as Ed Orgeron, current coach of the Ole Miss Rebels who has basically ran off every quality player and many fans. Love child offspring of Rob K. and Petey B.
coach zero don't know shit about FOOTBAW
by wsky77 October 30, 2007
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The act of totally destroying another team or player in an online multiplayer game using a sick move or multiple combinations of sick moves to acomplish the rapedizzle
Call of Duty 4 player:I hit him with the noob tube when he was trying to snipe me, straight rapedizzled his punk ass.

Teamate 1:We just won that match 36 to 3, serious rapedizzle
by wsky77 April 21, 2008
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